RE/MAX Discovery Tour – Melaina General Manager Intro and Welcome

This Intro and Welcome to our digital version of the speakers of our “Discovery & Investment Tour”. This Intro and Welcome video series has in it all the professionals you will need. These Pros are part of the RE/MAX team. By and large, to help in your decision making process. Doctors, U.S. & Honduras Attorneys, Insurance Professional, Long Term Ex-Pat and others.

Melaina Matute is a long term employee with  the RE/MAX Offices here, starting off as office staff and going to the local University at night. She graduated with her B.A. in Business Management, and also is a licensed REALTOR. Melaina is the General Manager of both the RE/MAX Franchises here on Roatan that also operate on Utila.

We hope your experience on this site is a positive one and that you obtain the information you came here for. If you have questions feel free to drop us an email. We have a great Staff and Agents that are real Pros.

The we can set up a personal  “Discovery & Investment Tour” for you upon your visit. If you plan ahead, we can set up appointments and communications for you with team members and members of our Professional support staff in this video.