This Photo Gallery  – We have set up a Roatan photo gallery that includes Roatan, Utila in the Bay Islands and some great locations in the country of Honduras. These photos will give you a little bit of the “eye candy”, the pure natural beauty this country has to offer.  Often noted as “One Country, Three Worlds” meaning the spectacular beach/islands/coral reef as one of the three plus the spectacular tropical rain forests, white water rafting and thousands of varieties of butterflies & birds being the second and finally the spectacular Mayan Ruins.

Roatan is the largest of the 62 islands and Cays (pr. “Keys”) that make up the Bay Islands. Roatan has an International Airport (RTB) and is the most developed of the Bay Islands with two cruise ship ports, a modern quality hospital, shopping center and one of the top beaches in the world.

Utila Photo Gallery

Utila is just 32 miles off the Western Coast of Roatan’s West Bay area. Utila is a far different island and atmosphere than Roatan and certainly worth the trip and your investigation of that option. World renown for whale shark tours and it’s ‘small town’ fell with no cars and transportation by golf carts, bicycles and three wheel covered motorcycles used as taxi cabs. If you are looking for complete peace and tranquility, to get away from it all, Utila may be just your cup of tea.

Copan Photo Gallery

Copan, located on the mainland, is a location that calls to all of us to visit the ancient Mayan Ruins. One of the last , but yet the oldest ruins of the Mayan culture, at the rate of excavation now used it could take another 200 years to complete. This is a great way to spend a few days on your vacation or when you are living on the island.

La Ceiba Photo Gallery

LaCeiba is the third largest city in Honduras and  is only 40 mies off the coast of Roatan. With over 250,000 residents it has many of the modern conveniences and shopping that one may desire including a new Walmart store.  LaCeiba a Spanish culture city with shopping malls, fast foods & beach communities.  One of the “one day tours” that attract a lot of attention is white water rafting. You can take a small commuter plane from Roatan to LaCeiba in the morning, get picked up at the airport, spend a good part of the day rafting in the rain forest and be back on Roatan by the end of the day.

Comayagua Photo Gallery

Comayagua was the original Capital City of Central America in the “New World”. Boasting cobblestone streets, ancient cathedrals and the oldest clock (1100’s A.D.). Each Easter week many families from there create spectacular works of art made of brightly colored rice, seeds and fruit pits that become ‘stained glass’ looking masterpieces. A spectacular place to visit.

Cayos Cochinos Photo Gallery