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Why sell with us?

The RE/MAX franchise, globally, takes pride in its level of customer service and satisfaction.  It has gained its reputation as the world’s number one real estate agency.  Over the last 45 years, the cornerstone of its success is built on a foundation of drive, experience and education.  RE/MAX on Roatan has been diligent in upholding the standards and expectations of our clients.  And has a proven track record based on this very model, focusing on the customer’s needs, backed by the ability to deliver.  Check out Global RE/MAX!

We are Number 1 on Roatan.

When wanting to sell your property, what exactly is it that you need your real estate company to be and do for you?  What RE/MAX on Roatan has to offer is:

  • Brand power.
  • Marketing, marketing and yet more marketing!
  • Experienced and knowledgeable agents proven with industry recognized accreditations and designations.
  • National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) membership, participation and adherence to the Code of Ethics.
  • Member of Multiple Listing Services (MLS).
  • Accessible and prominent offices.

“No-one Sells More Real Estate Than RE/MAX!”

RE/MAX offers an International web site representing 110 counties!  Add to that a regional web site for both the Caribbean & Central America and THREE company web sites that, depending on your search criteria, can ALL end up on the first page of a Google search!  We work closely with “International Living” Magazine and advertise in the ‘Classifieds’ section.  MLS sites in the Caribbean and Central America.  We market electronically with the best!

Here is what one of our sellers had to say about RE/MAX on Roatanclient testimonials that tell it like it is!

Let us show you what we can do!

What you need is a company that will MARKET your property!

With the innovation of the modern real estate company, like the RE/MAX on Roatan franchise, we will maximize the reach of your listing via as many mediums as possible.

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When you consider Selling your property there are several things to think about.

How will we do that?  Here is how…

1. Internet & Social Media:
Our sites are always one of the top ranked sites in any search engine.  Check it out!  Do a search: ‘roatan real estate’ and ‘roatan bay islands real estate’ are two of the most used search terms.  Check us out and see where our company ends up.  If people cannot find your property, customers cannot buy it.

Our own websites:,, and consistently place high on the first page on search engines like Google and Yahoo.  This is where most clients start the purchase process so this is VERY IMPORTANT.  People looking for property seldom get past the top few companies in any search engine.

Entered Text for Search Placing in Organic Search Ratings on 1st Page
Roatan real estate #4, #5, #10 & #1 Google Maps
Roatan homes for sale #1, #4, & #1 Google Maps
Roatan condos #2, #4, #5, #9 (no map on search)
Roatan luxury homes #4, #5, #7 & #1 Google Maps
Roatan land #2, #4, #5 & #1 Google Maps
Roatan investment #1 & #1 Google Maps

We now have Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts and a Facebook page that are regularly updated with new listings, island information, hot deals and photos of the best of the best views on Roatan.

2. Print:
We give many of our clients space in every MLS magazine published.  List with us and you will be in the hands of many island visitors!  In addition to the MLS magazine, we publish our very own magazine which we place in up to 50 prime locations on the island and are even handed out at the airport to new visitors.  Click here to view our latest edition RE/MAX Roatan Real Estate Magazine.

3. Seasonal Marketing Campaigns:
We seasonally do targeted US campaigns and have good relationships with several brokers in various locations in the US.

We send out newsletters featuring properties and new listings every month PLUS we have a “VIP Investor’s Club”, which generates notices for new listings and hot deals when they happen.  Our newsletters have 12,000 subscribers around the world – nobody does it better!

4. Collaboration:
Our agents arrange and attend listing tours not only for our team to get an in-depth knowledge you their listings but also with agents from other real estate brokerages so that, if the right client comes along, your property is high on their list to present to their client.  Open houses are very much a priority for our agents – print advertisements, banners, flyers and, of course, food and beverages are laid on to maximize number of customers and keep them there.  Live tours – we regularly give clients real-time tours – just ‘Zoom’ in and have a walk-through of a home, here’s and example of what you will see when you ‘walk through’ a property with one of our agents:

RE/MAX is the only real estate company on the island that is ‘military trusted’ – if you are a veteran, see how easy it would be for you to live on a tropical island comfortably on your military pension, watch our investors series of videos to get information on whether it is something you want to explore further:

Prominent Offices

Our offices are in THREE PRIME locations across the island: West Bay Mall, West End and, center island our head office, Mount Pleasant.  We generate foot traffic and are more accessible to potential clients than any other real estate company.

Your Trusted, Experienced Agent!

The bottomline?  Choose your agent wisely.  Make sure they have a ton of experience and knowledge.  The longer they are on the island the more history regarding property sales they have, which is invaluable.

All our realtors are members of the. Island’s RRA (Roatan Realtors Association) and National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and, therefore, bound by a strict Code of Ethics.  REALTORS® are committed to treat all parties in a transaction with honesty, integrity, transparency, and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge about the buying and selling process than practitioners who aren’t NAR members.  Identify them by the REALTOR® logo – a stylized block R on their business card, membership pin, or other marketing literature.

But there are technical skills required to deliver first class customer service and so RE/MAX on Roatan has developed an in-depth induction program delivered to each new team member by an allocated mentor.  This induction to the company includes shadowing their mentor on showings, real estate tours, talking with lawyers and officials within the municipality offices, online courses/webinars and networking amongst all other agents from all brokerages.  The program ensures that before they begin working on a one-to- client basis, they have a sound understanding of:

  • The purchase process from ‘for sale to sold”.
  • Legal issues of buying and selling property on the island, contractual insight and appropriate documentation.
  • The properties previously and currently on the island and pricing.
  • Negotiation skills in terms of working for the client on making a purchase.
  • Marketing options and techniques available to them for their clients.

Our team of agents that includes a ‘Certified International Property Specialist’, ‘Accredited Buyer’s Representative’ and ‘Seller Representative Specialist’. In addition, we have specialists for those clients’ wishing to fund a property with their IRA along with agent designations in both real estate investment and commercial properties (CIAS & ACP).  We even have bi-lingual realtors!

On an island that can be exemplified but, overall, the selling time of your property is determined mostly by four factors-

  • Price.
  • Terms.
  • Condition.
  • Marketing effort.

Our agent can help you negotiate your way through all of this and more!

There is so much involved with being a realtor second to none, check out our agents resumes at by clicking here.

RE/MAX on Roatan also has an administrative team like no other – they even have a “soon-to-be” qualified lawyer as their Escrow Manager to ensure the legal aspect of purchasing or selling a property is seamless and, most importantly done to the letter of the law.

With a portfolio like RE/MAX on Roatan, it really is a no brainer, nobody does it better than us!