Roatan Photo Gallery

Roatan-Photo-Gallery and MORE!

Roatan-Photo-Gallery . We have set up a photo gallery that includes Roatan, Utila in the Bay Islands and some great locations in the country of Honduras. These photos will give you a little bit of the “eye candy”, the pure natural beauty this country has to offer. 

Roatan Photo Gallery

Roatan in the largest of the Bay Islands and has unique beauty. Unlike many tropical islands it has substantial elevations the entire length of the island making it difficult not to find spectacular views from on end to the other of gorgeous deep blue and aqua blue waters. With just enough “bush” (what local islanders call what you would call “jungle”). Plush greens and scattered flora make it green year around. Eye candy for everyone!


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Copan Photo Gallery

The Ancient Mayan ruins of Copan, believed to be the oldest in the world, (world number two that is:), is something you do not wish to miss. A long modern air conditioned bus ride, or a couple hour modern bus ride after a flight to San Pedro Sula, will get you to the medieval city of Copan where they are located.  If you love history this is a place you do not wish to miss.

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La Ceiba Photo Gallery

Just across 35+ miles of water from Roatan (20+ from Utila), is “world number three”, the spectacular rain forests.  A comfortable 2+ hour ferry can get you there or about a ten minute flight will transport you to thousands of tropical birds and butterflies along with spectacular flora and fauna. You can actually catch a flight in the morning, fly to LaCeiba, have breakfast, drive to some higher elevations and have a great day of white water rafting and be back to Roatan before dinner!

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Comayagua Photo Gallery

Comayagua is a beautiful ancient city. The original Capital of the Spanish Western
world all you imagine with beautiful Cathedrals & cobblestone streets. Holy Week (the week previous to Easter) has family units decorate the streets with colored rice, seeds and natural items that end up to be beautiful works of art similar to the stained glass window of their ancient cathedrals.

If you are visiting Honduras or living in the bay islands you then certainly should visit this part of the country and spend a few days in this charming city. In that there is the only U.S. Military base in Central or South America located nearby, many of the inhabitants speak English. There are some nice restaurants, the people are friendly and it is a safe environment.

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