Roatan News – New Business

Although many have followed my monthly Newsletters for years I thought there may be some who wish more news on the island without waiting for it to come out each month so I decided to start this blog to keep you posted on real estate news and ‘island news’ here on Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. (you can sign up for those here and see previous issues to check it out first if you wish………..

My first official post……

– Pawn Stars – ‘CashWiz’

For all of you that have watched the TV program ‘Pawn Stars’ on the History channel and for those with the desire or need, a new business is opening in Jackson Plaza called ‘Cash Wiz’. (JACKSON PLAZA IS MID-ISLAND, MT. PLEASANT IN THE SAME MALL AS RE/MAX)

‘Cash Wiz’ ( ) is a chain of pawn shops that has 16 locations throughout the Caribbean at this time. They handle pretty much anything including larger items like boats and cars. This is a large operation and if you do not have a need or desire it may be fun just to come in look around and who knows you may just find the ‘treasure. you are looking for.

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