RE/MAX January 2013 Newsletter

RE/MAX Newsletter – January 2013

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Well folks the world did not end on the 22nd of December and although I am pretty sure no one is happy with it, even the U.S. was able to avoid dropping off the fiscal cliff. Overall I think many folks are making plans now to move forward. Is Roatan part of your plan?  Let us help you navigate, educate and assist. ‘RELAX  it’s RE/MAX’


Helpful Links-

I know your decision to take a look at off shore real estate can make you a little nervous; it did for me and my wife, Nancy but that was almost 14 years ago.  In order to give you the best information to assist you make your decision making process more than a leap of faith we operate two main real estate sites, each having different capabilities from a marketing standpoint, along with different ways to be helpful to our customers. If you have not yet gone to some of these links I thought I would take the time to list some that may be helpful to you.


FAQ’s – This link will answer questions for you that you may have for in general information regarding buying property on the island –

Do you need a little island orientation?  This link has the geography of the island video which will inform you on different areas of the island, which can help you decide where you wish to buy –

Would you like some more information regarding the country or the island?

Do you want the MLS for all the listings on the island?,2

How about a MLS Mini version– link for your IPhone/smart phone / IPad?

Do you want to know about the best deals on the island as soon as they happen, instead of when you do your search on the MLS? This may be a link you want to sign up for-

Is RE/MAX your real estate company on Roatan? Here is what our customers say about us –


2013 year start ‘kick-off’

Kick off the New Year with great deals on your choice of properties at every price point.

I want to give you a very good overview of the market by providing what I think are the very best deals on the island on the MLS.  This does not mean that these are my own personal listings, these are selections from several companies on the island. As I said, the best deals on the island.


Condos are often the choice of many folks due to the fact that they often can generate rental income that can usually cover expenses.  Additionally, they often pay for a vacation or two and as a rule require a lot less effort from the homeowner especially when it comes to maintenance.

On the island there are two types of condos:  There are residential condos and condo/hotels. Residential condos are normally for people who wish to spend a large percentage of the year living on the island while the condo/hotel is more for picking a great vacation spot, that is for weeks during a year versus months during a year and often pays for itself plus some for your vacation.  The main financial consideration would be a value increase in the property, (future capital gains). At these price levels capital gains in the future are looking pretty good. This link will take you from the low to the high in regard to price points and represent both the condo/hotel and the residential versions.  Check them out; there are some great deals among them.,2

Home sites- Home sites are a great option for those folks that want it all. How do I mean that? Easy.  You can buy a great piece of paradise, have very little to pay in property taxes, (in many instances less than $100.00 per year), have little for a commitment, have a lot in regard to potential return on investment because you are in a ‘buyer’s market’ and in many instances you can pull it off for what a nice car would cost you.  Heck we even have a beachfront lot in this group for $65,000 U.S.  Check them out here-,2


Free standing Homes- Most people that come to the island first start their searches with single family homes.  A fair amount of the inventory on the island has been depleted over the last 2-3 years in that sellers became motivated and builders and developers have not been building much to replace what was sold. At this point the deepest discounts are on the higher priced homes, some of which have been discounted by half or more.  The link below, in my opinion, provides a picture of the best deals on the island, in all price ranges. If you are looking for an island home this definitely is the time to buy.,2

Development and Commercial Acreage/Islands – All of us have always known that when it comes to property the value is always tied to three things –location, location, and location.  The link below is a mix of vacant properties , commercial properties and islands here in the Bay Islands.  There are locations near the golf course, near the cruise ship port and beach front parcels.  Very prime locations for your considerations.  Looking for a project?  This is a good starting place.,2

Commercial Business opportunities Jan 2013 – Foreigners that come to the island to live, are, for the most part, either retired or are entrepreneurs looking to set up their own business versus being employed by others. This in part is due to the laws of the country which encourage foreign investment and discourage the employment of foreigners by Honduran companies.  Overall, foreign investment in a new venture can be accomplished with the purchase of an established Honduran Corporation or by the establishing of one of your own.  Business opportunities for entrepreneurs also come in two manners which are a business only (no real estate) that offers the name, the established trade, equipment and the lease.  Others are the ownership of the land itself along with the business. Prices can range from under $30,000 to well over a million dollars.  The link below is for a turnkey dive resort.  If this is something that entices you drop me a line, we can exchange some emails to see if we can find the right ‘fit’ for a new life for you.

-Interested in the country? You definitely need a news source. Do you live here in Honduras? Are you considering living here? Investing here? Maybe you have relatives here? If you are looking to be “in the know” and are not a Spanish speaker keeping up with things can be a challenge, but it does not have to be. Check out this link, put it in the “Favorites” section on your browser and check it every day or make it easy on yourself and sign up for their news email alerts –      Better yet, sign up for their daily updates!

-Getting to the island – maybe we can help a little

Canadian Flights- Sunwing Royal offers service to La Ceiba Honduras, from Montreal, Toronto and Quebec. La Ceiba is only 40 miles across the water via small plane or ferry. Check them out here to book your flight-

-From the U.S. – If you wish to plan a trip to the island and wish to have a direct flight you now have several options. United flies here from Houston, several days a week, Delta direct flights from Atlanta and American Airlines from Miami, (Delta & Miami on Saturdays only).


Roatán Travel Guide

Realizing that the Ministry of Tourism in our small country wasn’t able to do as much to promote our island a small group of businessmen got together and formed the Roatán Tourism and Investment Bureau to promote the island to specific markets in North America.

Their first task was to raise awareness of the island.  This is a multi-part task, the first of which was to put together a magazine describing the island.  This magazine will be distributed in various strategic locations in the U.S. in print and is also available below in digital form for you to look over.  It isn’t 100% complete buy here is an opportunity for you to see it first –


Rotary News-

‘Rotary International’ has a considerable presence on the island and all of it is good. Over the years they have taken on many projects that have had a great impact on the island previously viewed as too large to handle and have either made great progress or have completed the task and done such in a selfless, positive manner. Because it is an all-volunteer group that believes in others before self, it works. Projects like the installation of bathroom facilities in local schools and the enhancement of security on the island are two of the large and ongoing projects that need ongoing support.


The Rotary Club of Roatan has two fund raising mechanisms that you can use and they would appreciate your support.  The first is the sale of a ‘Rotary Cookbook’ that has recipes from island residents, often with a ‘taste of the island’ in regard to ingredients.  The cookbook is available from Rotary Members with Paul Gatlin taking the lead on this project.  I also am selling them at the RE/MAX office at Jackson Plaza in Mt. Pleasant if you would like to stop by and pick one up they are $20.00. If you live further east you can stop by the ACME sanitation office at Lawson Rock where they also are carrying them. A great cause, great food. Expand your horizons and eat something different tonight!


The second is the sale of windshield stickers, that essentially say “Support Your Local Sheriff”.  Rotarians sell them to people that drive on the island and they seem to help get the drivers through the roadside checkpoints.  Again, they are available at ACME and our office too; they cost $25.  Lastly, Rotarians and friends will be taking to the streets, selling stickers on the roadways on Feb 1st.   Please let me know if you’d like to participate and I will connect you with the coordinator of this event, they need some volunteers.  It will be fun.


Signing off………..

Is it not time to stop thinking about it, stop dreaming about it and start doing something about it? Should this not be the year you book a flight to the island and start the adventure!  Life is short. Live it. We are here to help educate, navigate and provide you with the concierge support service needed to investigate and make the decision that fits you best.

Thanks for reading and best to all.


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