RE/MAX / Roatan Real Estate Newsletter January 2021

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RE/MAX / Roatan Real Estate Newsletter -January 2021

-Election Aftermath? Probably Not
-Financing Options
-Things to Do
-Are you a reader?
-Macaw Retail Center

-Market Overview / Real Estate Options

where to live retirement

-Election Aftermath?, Probably Not ……………

Although the thoughts of leaving the U.S. or Canada for another country historically accelerates every four years. (the election cycle). Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal, every four years someone is not very happy.

Whether it be election cycle or not, many move to the island every year. In fact, statistically between 10,000 and 12,000 people reach the age of 65 each day (Yahoo Finance) If you do the math on that number now becomes over four million retirees a year. Where will they retire? The above chart provides that information with 4.1% moving to a foreign country. That number now becomes over 160,000 annually.

That, of course, shows those turning 65 and not the thousands that are not of retirement age but relocate to start a new career, a new life and a new adventure.

Here at RE/MAX we can help guide you through the relocation process which includes pointing you in the right direction in regard to your residency, (not citizenship), whereas you can legally live in this country. What should the timing be for that residency or what type of residency, and the procedure for such. Those considering such should think of this as a process versus and event. You are looking at between six and twelve months to accomplish that residency. Information FAQ’s for Residency

Below there is a link that shows all of the Commercial opportunities available on the island at this time.

‘Here is not There” is something I have repeated many times, and this case is no different really. “Commercial” here can mean a business that is for sale and the real property is included or may be a lease with no property and the business only, or it may even mean a vacant property that is for sale that would be a good commercial location.

Check out what the market has to offer at this point in time. CLICK HERE

If you are too young to actually retire but you are looking for that next stage of your life, maybe when you relocate you may wish a career in real estate? We can help with that with a full training program, lots of support and the RE/MAX Brand.

Want to be a RE/MAX Agent? Check out that option here.

As always ….questions or concerns? Email us please.

-Financing Options
One of the most asked questions I get is about financing. Basically, it is a cash market for those not a citizen or you have a legal residency. That being said many of the Sellers will consider financing for Buyers.

Financing by a Seller normally looks like this. Normally, (and it very much depends on each Seller), a term of 3 to 10 years, 30 to 50% down and 5 to 7% rate.

Most of the questions you may have about purchasing here you can find the answers for on this link – Roatan Buyer FAQ’s Click Right here.

-Things to Do
Another of the questions we regularly get involves ‘Things To Do’. Some wonder what they would do on an island, whether that be visiting or full-time. You should never be bored unless you want to be.

Many come here and get involved in community organizations like Rotary International, local environmental organizations or community churches, International groups that visit like Doctors, and Veterinarian Groups.

Just for fun. Whether you take the day on the island fishing, snorkeling, diving, golf or maybe a day white water rafting on a day trip to the Congregal River or a long weekend to check out the Mayan Ruins. Click right here for many options.

-Are you a Reader?
Below are links for some of books about Roatan and the Bay Islands, going back to the Pirate days in the 1742 when The British set up a community called Port Royal. Port Royal is still there, the community is not. Curl up with a good book and enjoy.

‘Red At Dawn’ quickly captures its readers, wrapping them in the age-old dramas of intense greed, cruelty, rape, murder, and bitter-sweet romance.

‘To Hold the Sun’ (by RE/MAX Agent, Chas Watkins)
The story outlines the experiences of a young, poor, and disillusioned reporter who is enticed to do a series of articles about Paul, an unconventional philosopher and motivational speaker. In exchange, he gets to travel to and dive on Roatan, arguably one of the most beautiful, pristine islands in the Caribbean………….

‘The Death & Revival of William Morgan
This story centers around William Morgan, a Virginian living in Batavia, New York. He was a distant relative of the author.

‘AND THE SEA SHALL HIDE THEM’….This is a shocking tale of horrific murders at sea. The crime takes place aboard a sleek schooner just two miles off the shores of a tropical island named Utila.

‘Jungleland’ ……………..For fans of The Lost City of Z, The River of Doubt, and Lost in Shangri-La—a real-life Indiana Jones story, set in the mysterious jungles of Honduras.

’Tis the Season’ for our fellow man, the less fortunate, and people that need people. It is the time of year that giving is second nature and for those that can, historically do just that.

Here is a man that has done just that. Nick Powers, decided to make a new life, with his wife and school-age daughter on Roatan. Not to retire but to set up a non-profit organization, Warfighter Scuba. Warfighter Scuba is dedicated to providing combat wounded veteran service members from NATO countries, with a therapeutic experience. Nick is not only a Vet but also a Dive Master. He teaches injured, incapacitated and PTSD war heroes scuba diving via a custom-made training, resulting in a worldwide recognized certification. If you are a VET and are interested in the program please contact Nick. If you are in a position that you that can make a donation to this great cause, we all thank you. Click Here and Check it Out.

                       Macaw Plaza

-Macaw Retail Center (Local Crafts)
The Macaw Market is here to provide a showcase for local talent, artisanal work, handmade and local made souvenirs, local cuisine and farmers market. There are 26 retail spaces 11 of which are café and small food stalls or restaurants. Providing a variety of local and international dishes to savor.

Roatan is a melting pot of different nationalities, and we hope the Macaw Market aptly represents this and provides a pleasurable buying experience while supporting local artists and chefs and entrepreneurs.

Located 300 meters east of the Roatan International airport and opening soon.

For more information, please visit our FB page, or email

Holiday Card to Mad MiMi 2019

Market Overview-
Like everywhere, the Bay Islands real estate market has suffered through 2020, the year of COVID. That being said the internet communications, virtual tours, and inquiries has kept us fairly busy.

The single family homes for sale are low in inventory. The islands had considerable growth in 2017, ’18, and 2019. At this point in time there is a ‘buildup’ of sorts of Buyers, most of which are very anxious to obtain a vaccine and head down to the islands.

We are expecting that the faster the vaccine spreads, the faster the buyers & visitors will return in full force, though they have already started.

The below ‘Home’ choices are a fair representation of the market with homes starting at $199K.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in a home?

Check out an alternative below 🙂

-This months “HOME” Picks –

Residential Area Island Home – Good Value (non tourism area/new photos)
Two Homes – Live in one/Rent the other? Bargain Price!

Home in a Quiet Residential Ex-Pat Community Three BR / Two Baths – Great views

Quiet Area/ Off the Grid Home -Want to Get Away? This may be the answer for you

Walk to the Famous West Bay Beach! Three BR/ 2 BA

-Homes Over $500K
Turn-key oceanfront with four condos/suites. This four level home can accommodate up to 10 people…….

Stunning Caribbean Waterfront Estate Home in Caribe Point. This spectacular waterfront estate has everything that Caribbean dreams are made of. Featuring 5 BR, 6 BA with 5 balconies for enjoying amazing sea views!

RELAX & REJUVENATE in this gorgeous beachfront home! This tranquil offering would make the perfect family compound or primary residence with extra space for rentals and or maybe that beautiful, tropical, boutique B & B………

A majestic 4 bedroom villa in spectacular beachfront location! ………

Coral Vista #5 is the most private of the Coral Vista homes. Featuring a premier location. This is widely known as an excellent rental villa located on the point of world famous Half Moon Bay

Living the dream is what you will experience with this gorgeous home that sits on the perfect homesite location………….

Casa de Las Flores, your Caribbean dream estate can become a reality. A magnificent custom-built home, surrounded by 1.3 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, with breathtaking views


Historically when the island first guaranteed foreigners rights to own property, (1991), there was very little for homes or condos for sale and land was fairly inexpensive.

People who bought lots often built homes on them. As the market progressed some developers showed up and built on the plentiful and inexpensive land.

Right now, there is an overabundance of homesites available and once again more people are finding that they can find their piece of paradise buying a great homesite, (some do it with an IRA), then when more funds are available or retirement gets closer, they build it out. There are homesites out there at all price levels.

The this link will get you to homesites that are represent a wide range of price points. These are just a sampling and you can do searches on your own on both of our MLS databases.

Bargains abound!

These are the links for the two MLS data bases-


Condos are a nice way to go for a new island home, especially if you are not going to be here full-time. I often say ‘here is not there’ to people in that it is very appropriate in many cases. Many of the properties on either of the MLS data bases can be listed as condos, but they also may be condos in a resort, managed by the resort/hotel.

They are a great option for those that wish their very own vacation spot and in many instances the income can offset the holding expenses you have each year and enough left over to have a trip or two to the island. Each condo complex is different and there certainly are several to choose from. If you wish not being concerned with exterior repair and maintenance while wanting a great place to call your own condos may be the best choice.

Click HERE and it will take you to some of those options.

There are again far more choices, but I wished to provide a wide price range for you to evaluate. The MLS links above will allow you to search all that are available.

Stay updated on all of the current listings and price reductions. Our VIP Club will give you a first-hand look at all of new listings, price reductions and hot deals.

These we try to get out a couple of times a month with new listings and price reductions, but they are sent out as activity on the market happens, not as the calendar dictates. To sign up click HERE

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