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Hurricane Free Zone

ELECTRA Department Store

Local Telephone Service

U.S. Phones here on the Island Made Easy

Airline Options

Websites Options

U.S. Taxes, When Living here, (Canadians I am on the same for you )

Facebook -RE/MAX on Roatan

Is Building the Best Option?


Real Estate, New Listings, Steals, and Deals

Hurricane Free Zone

Each year hurricanes hit the southern coast of United States and the Gulf of Mexico. Some hurricanes are milder than others, but there is no doubt that hurricanes create billions of dollars of damage, heartache, and death. There is little anyone can do about it. Weather is not something we can control.

Most hurricanes start their lives off the coast of Africa and travel west. From there, hurricanes can go anywhere. If the hurricane goes south enough, it will be headed to the eastern Caribbean and may pass south of Florida an continue east to Belize or the Yucatan of Mexico or as often happens, travel north once west of Florida to anywhere along the southern coast of the United States.

The Bay Islands of Honduras may be one of the best places in the Caribbean to avoid hurricanes. The majority of the hurricanes start off the west coast Africa, it is rare for hurricanes to go south as the Bay Islands. Most storms we encounter here actually come from South America where they hug the coast of South America, up to Panama, and then hit the mountain ranges of Nicaragua and Honduras. By the time hurricanes come out of those mountains and hit the Bay Islands, it pretty much is just a lot of rain.

On the island, we have natural protection from hurricanes. Roatan is surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world. This reef offers excellent protection from surge. Surge that accompany hurricanes is as tall as it is deep. What this means to you is that when a surge is 12-foot tall, it is also 12-foot deep. That above and below wall of water can be very powerful and very destructive. In the Bay Islands, that wall of water must run into the reef before it hits the shore. The below the surface wall hits the reef and diminishes into a fraction of itself by the time it hits the shoreline. The last hurricane to hit Roatan was in 1998.

ELECTRA Department Store

A new ELECTRA Department Store has opened in Coxen Hole about 200 yards east of the municipal building on the same side of the street. ELECTRA reminds me of a mini-Sears with large and small appliances, home goods, and even motorcycles. It is clean, neat, and presentable. They would compete with Lady Lee at the Mega Plaza in French Harbor. It is always nice to have shopping choices.

Local Telephone Service

For those of you who are visiting that already have a phone line from one of the two cell carriers (Claro or TIGO) or those who use pay-as-you-go for your cell phone, I want to tell you about another option. You can go online to and buy minutes with your credit card. For those who haven’t heard of this service, you are not charged for incoming calls, and instead, are just charged for outgoing calls on the island.

U.S. Phones here on the Island Made Easy

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – ‘VOIP’ is basically a phone system you can have either on your cell with an App or that you put in your suitcase and carry back and forth with you. We have had this service, with the same phone number that we bring with us where ever we go. Basically, you can have a U.S. phone number anywhere you have an internet connection. If you are a seasonal visitor or maybe someone that relocates, you can research various options of this service with these companies.

Ooma, Magic Jack, 8 X 8, and others charge an annual fee and there then is no charge to call the U.S., Canada and other locations. When we travel to the states we just take ours with. We have had the same phone number for about 16 years now for my ‘home phone’. You can also easily call our office with a Miami Area Code at 786.380.4864.

Airline Options

Airlines have adjusted their rates to the island to make it more expensive travel, (Delta, United, and American). I am not sure if this is a seasonal situation because there are less visitors this time of year or what their plan is.

Budget travel is available on Spirit Airlines which allows you to land on the mainland of the country in San Pedro Sula (SAP). From there, you can take a small plane to the island or a bus if you wish to see the countryside, then a ferry on the Galaxy to Roatan. Also, flying to the island without any stops on the mainland is somewhat “coast orientated”. By that, I mean these options may work better for people living on the east or west coasts.

People near the west coast may want to try ‘Avianca Air’   that flies from Los Angeles (LAX) to Salvador, then directly to the island of Roatan. I have traveled with them before and the first piece of luggage and a carry on are included in the fare and guess what? They actually serve food and drink that they do not charge you for.

Coming from the eastern seaboard, you can fly to Miami and catch a flight to Roatan on Cayman Airlines. I have also flown with them. The last time I booked, just a couple of weeks ago, my flight was 45% less than Delta. They only fly on Thursdays and Saturdays (returning to the states on Sunday morning) but it was a very nice flight and an option that you may wish to consider.

Canadian Travelers? Air Transat out of Toronto is a great way to go. They do only fly out of Montreal & Toronto but it may be worth the trip there for the reasonable prices. Check them out here.


I have three websites for our franchises on the island. All have some information that is similar, but all are uniquely different. If you are receiving this newsletter you more than likely came in on That is the newsletter signup location.

There also is which is my Agent page which has a VIP Investor’s Club sign-up whereas I send out VIP bulletins when good deals happen, not just once a month. You can sign-up for that here

We also have a newly remodeled/re-launched site at . This website includes things to do, hotels, restaurants, emergency and medical care links, professional services, charities, and churches. All three websites are helpful in your research and the links you click on below may take you to any of the three websites depending on what I wish to emphasize. Please note that all of our sites are “https” sites, not “http” sites, meaning that they are all ranked as secure sites by Google. According to Google, you may not want to visit sites that do not have the “https” domains.

U.S. Taxes, Living here (Canadians I am working on the same for you)

We have a video series called ‘All You Need to Know’, which addresses some of the questions that many people have regarding owning property and living here. This video series is on all three of the sites mentioned above.

We have installed a NEW video regarding taxes for U.S. Citizens. Featured in this video is a company that I personally use for my taxes. This is on all three of our sites. If you have not visited these links, you may wish to. This is the latest addition on U.S. Taxes.

Facebook -RE/MAX on Roatan –

Our Facebook page also has posts by our Agents and me for new properties and news from the island. We had a great RE/MAX Convention a couple of weeks ago and if you visit please scroll down to the video placed by Bruce and his daughter Holley who are making an incredible journey from the Arctic circle to the tip of South America for the “Children’s Miracle Network. It is pretty awe inspiring. They were speakers at our convention. Awesome people. Please if you visit there also “LIKE” our page. Thanks.

Is Building the Best Option?

In my humble opinion it certainly could be. Until recently, people building new homes on Roatan were limited in their building material options to a wood framed home or a concrete block home. Dan Taylor gave builders another option when he started bringing ThermaSteel composite structural insulated steel panel systems to the island. He taught four local builders how to construct with the galvanized steel and EPS, significantly reducing the build time and delivering homes that are much more energy efficient (up to R-47), fireproof and bug proof. Two homes are finished and occupied and two more are in design.

You can take a look at the ThermaSteel website at and then contact Dan at New World Building Solutions or call him on the island at 9823-7922 or at his US VoIP number 1 (228) 533-2001.

Vacant land in many instances, both in and outside of planned communities, is both plentiful, and in most instances, inexpensive. It also allows for a market that is either cash or Seller financing, allowing you to find your perfect place to build on in the future, while not having to need the cash on hand to accomplish the goal. Looking for vacant land possibilities? Check them out here – (a lot more fun than owning a stock)

Your IRA may be an option to find just the right spot to build, then “cash” that in when you retire and build a home. I have Agents that specialize in this. Let me know if this may be an option with you and I can send you the right person.

Thanksgiving on Roatan-

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving right here on the island. Each year

‘The Beach Grill’ in Sandy Bay, located in the ‘Blue Bahia” Resort complex, has Thanksgiving (great turkey and all), TWICE. Once for Canadians and one to celebrate the U.S. version. For me it is great! I am U.S. but get turkey twice! Take a moment and be thankful for all you have in Life! Our best wishes to all.

Real Estate, New Listings, Steals, and Deals –

The Perfect Place! – Emerald Beach area of West Bay Beach Check out this Duplex/Live & Rent . Rare Home Offering in West Bay! (mostly condos in West Bay, few homes)

NEW Remote Casita with Rentals White Sand Beach $175,000

NEW Camp Bay Beach White Sand Beach – Homesite

Safe Harbor – Calabash Bight

SunDancer Villa 3bd/2ba Sandy Bay only $139,000

PRICE Reduction – 2br/2ba Residential Ex-Pat Area – $169,000

2br/2ba Top End Community – Roof Top Pool only $299,000

Oceanfront Homesite VERY MOTIVATED SELLER!

Nice View Home on 3.83 acres. Subdivide and sell some lots and help pay your way!

4BR/2BA close to water – Islander environment – Only $185,000 U.S.

Great opportunity to own an income producing restaurant and retail space! Currently the #1 Trip Advisor West Bay restaurant!

Beautiful 2 bed, 2.5 bath home in the heart of West End! Just a five minute walk to Half Moon Bay beach and all the entertainment in West End Village

Jonesville – Bodden Bight Estate’s home with pool, gated community with dock and common areas:

Great deal and the perfect location for a dream home!

Homesite available in Sandy Bay – Top Ridge with a great price, amazing views and breezes.

Vacant lot near West End Village

A REAL STEAL of a DEAL! This is a beautiful home, with wonderful views,

in a tranquil area of the island that is listed at about half of what it is worth.

Are you a Luxury Home Buyer? Roatan has REAL Value for Luxury Homes. Check them out – click right here!

2BR/2Ba mid Island Condo – Reasonable HOA Fees – Only $119K

How about a nice West Bay Condo for only $125K (1br/1ba)

Looking for even more remote? How about the neighboring island of Guanaja?

Mariposa Estate 20 acre with ocean front for $995,000

Eco Resort Development site: 132 acre, 2,700 feet of shoreline for $800,000

Villa Evelyn, a beautiful beach front home for $425,000

Ready to look at more properties? Here is a good place to start for any property type or the entire MLS of the island!

Are you a ‘Newbie to this Newsletter? Check out some of the HGTV Shows on this search and get a better feel for the island.

Are you serious “Looker or Buyer” These two links are a must do for you.

“All you need to Know” Video Series

Buyer FAQ’s

Have a great Halloween with the kids and grandkids and a very super Thanksgiving. If you are reading this Newsletter you probably have a lot to be Thankful about, right?

Start planning your trip, the ice, cold, snow, sleet, and a tropical life is what is very close.

Best regards,

Larry & Your RE/MAX Team on Roatan