Ex-Pat Banking

I am often asked if I feel that the banks are secure here in country so I thought I would touch on that this morning. My answer is yes I believe the banks to be safe and secure in this country, or that has been my experience to date (14 years).

I understand DAVENIENDA, Atlantida or Credomatic may not be household names where you are living but I personally am not sure that is such a bad thing.
I have seen one bank ‘go under’ (year 2000), but within 48 hours the government had divided the banks accounts between two other banks and we, in short, ended up with a ‘new’ bank.

As a real estate company we often are in the position of having millions of dollars in escrow. Never a hitch.

Although for my business, all accounts are in the Honduras, we still do have U.S. accounts. (we are U.S. citizens). The one I have found, the most versitile in regard to flexibility and ease of use while living off-shore has been Everbank. (Everbank.com)

I know it is not one of the ‘biggies’ but that is one of the reasons why I like them. With Everbank you can use your U.S. dollars to open a Canadian Dollar Account, Swiss Francs account or any other world currency. You can buy and sell precious metals or stocks from around the world with each country’s separate stock exchange. You can shift funds online, wire transfer funds online, move money place to place seamlessly. For me it has all for my needs in regard to living in a foreign country.

You of course can evaluate yourself but that is my answer to the are banks secure in country.