Here is not There Culture Differences #4

Here is not there…….
To me one of the HUGE benefits of living here is the tremendous quantity of fresh seafood & fruits and vegetables available all year around.  FRESH makes flavors ‘POP’ and most of it is naturally grown.  Of course this makes for fat , sometimes weird shaped carrots, instead of the uniform sized little ‘soldiers’ you get there in orange cello bags, but these are carrots that actually have taste. They have flavor, they are really good. Hydroponic grown lettuce her lats about three weeks in your fridge. How long does yours last?  Mango, Plantains, Pineapple, Papaya, Apple Bananas, Leche Fruit,………..the land of plenty for fruit lovers!


IMG_2363 IMG_0036 IMG_2116 White-Orchid-copy