Here is not There…….Culture Differences #2

Here is not there…….
If you go to almost any translator software or Spanish/English dictionary and look up  mañana you will find the definition of tomorrow. That is not necessarily so because in reality it is the definition but in practice not so much. In my experience it is more like sometime in the future.  If you make an appointment a few days out with anyone and they say they will be there Tuesday or you can meet on Friday, find out specifically which Tuesday or which Friday. Do not presume it will be the next Friday or the next Tuesday. If dealing with most Hondurans I usually also ask if they operate on ‘Honduran’  time or ‘Gringo’  time. With foreigners a joke between them is that the Honduran clock works in relation to the monetary exchange rate (at this time 21 to 1 Lempiras to Dollars). This is an exaggeration of course but sure you get the message.  Time is different here. The pace is slower and overall that is not a bad thing. Do not let it get to you.  If you are thinking of visiting  here or visiting here you are ‘here not there’.   Leave the rushed life behind and enjoy the slower pace of life. Your mind and body will enjoy it.



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