August 2018 Roatan Real Estate & Community News

Turns savvy, informed clients into successful homeowners, investors & sellers

Turns savvy, informed clients into successful homeowners, investors & sellers

August Newsletter 2018

-Property Ownership 
-Secure Web Sites 
-Moving to Roatan 
-Decorating Your Island Home 
-Canadian Air Fare Deals 
-Cost of Living 
-Doing Good – ‘Heart to Heart’ 
-Canadian Air Fare Deal 
-Real Estate -New, Deals and Steals


August 2018 Roatan Real Estate & Community News

Property Ownership

Foreign investors own millions of dollars worth of real estate in the Bay Islands. In 1991, the Honduran Constitution legalized foreign ownership. Then in 2003, a formal real estate association was formed, and it adopted the International REALTORs Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (COE/SOP), which assures buyers that the property purchased in Honduras will have a clear title free of liens or other issues.

RE/MAX here on Roatan “Turns Savvy Informed Cleints 
into Successful Homeowners, Investors & Sellers”.

-Secure Web Sites 
Recently, I noted that our main website www.Roatà and my Agent website www.Roatà were secure sites. In case you haven’t heard, Google is flagging websites without SSL certificates as “Not Secure.” You can tell if is site is secure if the web address starts with “https.” If the website is not secure, it will start with “http.” Please be cautious regarding the sites that you visit.

Moving to Roatàn 
The link below gives information on some of our clients who are making the big move to paradise. These clients have worked with our most experienced Agent, Edi Johnson. Edi has been an agent on the island for twenty-three years, and she is all about customer service.

I often state, “Here is not there.” RE/MAX on Roatàn provides service before the sale, during the process, and most importantly after the sale happens. To learn more, see the “About Us” section of our website. https://www.Roatà

Our brokerage has almost 100 years of total experience for the ten Agents in our company. We are the only company that has REALTOR designations or special designations internationally to represent Buyers and Sellers.


-Decorating Your Island Home by RE/MAX Agent Alex Poirier

Before her retirement my wife, Marilyn Northagen, was an in-house designer for the world’s largest international property management company. The property management company would assume management for condos and apartment buildings both old and new. Marilyn’s job was to prepare the design, source the materials, and implement the renovation. Usually, all of this took place within a short time and a very tight budget as this allowed the company to rent quickly.

Marilyn’s passion is painting. Often she completes large pieces of art designed around a client’s interests. Here’s Marilyn signing a large painting for George and Lynda’s new home.

Cost of Living 
I am often asked about the cost of living on the island and that is always a tough question to answer in that it depends on your lifestyle.

Do you want to eat fresh seafood, fruits and veggies? If yes, then living on the Bay Islands is affordable.

Do you want to eat frozen White Castle hamburgers and Cap’n Crunch? If yes, then please understand that these items are imported and you will certainly pay more.

To answer the question about cost of living in more detail, I have prepared a list on prices of a variety of items sold here on Roatàn. This list is not something I want to share in the newsletter, but I will be happy to toss a copy your way. Just reply to this email and let me know if you are interested, and I will send you a PDF.

-Doing Good – ‘Heart to Heart’ 

People who are considering living here or spending months a year on the island often are active in their communities where they are now and often are searching out social groups to join or participate in. We at RE/MAX are strong believers in the community and our Agents participate in several ways to that end.

Our Newsletter periodically feature one of these, (and there are many to choose from on the island or charitable visiting entities).

This month we would like to recognize “Heart to Heart’. This is an organization that focuses on the social development of Roatan and focuses on health, poverty, food, education, including the facilitation of scholarships, construction of new schools, along with the donation of school supplies or uniforms, computers, anything related to education. Locally, the contact person for this Organization is Lisa Jones who can be contacted via email here or visit their FaceBook page here –

Another great Group that does good in a different way is the Roatan Marine Park. This organization has done great work for a lot of years, working hard to protect the wonder of our coral reefs. Check them out here –


-Canadian Air Fare Deal

I saw this great offer online from TransAir for flights from Canada and thought I would pass it on to out Canadian readers. Come on down and see us! Check out flights here!


-Real Estate -New, Deals and Steals 
Lifestyle is now offering a selection of unique building sites for purchase with a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Enjoy the incredible views from our ridges and rolling hills, this lot #2 is available and ready to begin construction. This group also has a affiliated Architect and Builder. I have a flyer for this if you wish to reply to the mail with your desire to have one I will send it back to you right away.

NEW- This is a Steal of a Deal in a top end community. The lot is a very short walk from a 2000’ white sand beach.

NEW – MOTIVATED SELLER- Make an Offer. If you are looking for that nice place to live in full-time or part-time check out this 2br/2ba condo that is centrally located and only a couple miles east of the commercial areas of Mt. Pleasant and French Harbor. -ONLY $119,000 U.S.

Are you looking for the perfect getaway? This beautifully groomed and private hillside makes you feel like you are at the end of the earth? Yet it’s only a 5-minute boat ride to Oak Ridge, the island’s third largest city. A great piece for a boutique resort, fishing, diving, or family estate or compound. QUIET !!

Luxury Homes on the island have really gotten considerable attention as of late and if that is your market the offerings are in many instances a real value. Check them out here and know that we are here also.

Luxury Home Price Reduction of $100,000!-

Cute Little Cottage with water view, 1 Bedroom 1 Bath, Spacious porch surrounded by lots of vegetation. Located in a quiet community ONLY $125,000 U.S.

The Blue Rock water front home area a home is the perfect place for the boater in you. Park a sail boat out front in a very protected harbor and enjoy. 
Only $180,000 U.S.

Price Reduction! 
Sitting just steps from the clear Caribbean deep blue and azure waters sits this beach house that provides just that peace of mind you are looking for. Only $189,000 U.S.

This 3 bedroom , 2 Bath Villa is located only 3 minutes walking distance from West Bay Beach, perfect for a Vacation Rental, fully furnished, turn key.

Too many eye candy outstanding visuals to say no! Tommy Bahama furniture. Community water. No fees nor CC&R’s. A very short walk to from the mile long stretch of beach.

This very unique island location offers the best of all worlds in that although beaches are in many locations on the island this beach offers a very ‘remote feel’ that is ‘close-in’ to all

All Island Condos available- All Price points.

For future Buildout of Investment – All Land offerings from very large development parcels to small value priced home sites, from one end of the island to the other, (Click on the red text to go to the page for that particular property, then scroll down to the “MAP” tab to see where on the island the land is located).

New to the research? This may be a good place to start. The island is 35 miles long and the areas change 
from one end to the other based on the various communities, desires, tourism, etc.

Visiting on a Cruise Ship? This may be the place to start-

Need some visual of what the island and country may look like? Check out the photo Gallery-

Wondering what you can do on an island?

If you are new to the group of subscribers please visit these two links , which will get most of your questions answered regarding buying property an living here on the island.

“All You Need To Know”

Buyer’s Buyer’s Guide-

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