Here is not There…….Culture Differences #3

Here is not there…….
‘There’,  when stores have sales they often promote it in various ways which may be as in places like newspaper’s , magazines, radio, TV.  Although some of that may happen on the mainland of Honduras not so much on the islands. Here (and on the mainland, in addition to what they use for advertising), they roll out the speakers. Large speakers that sound like they are the size of Volkswagens, to the front of the store, to blast music , to let everyone know there is a sale. For me personally it has the polar opposite effect that I immediately head the other direction from loud , normally unpleasant music.  so if you hear loud music at the mall or from a free standing store they are having a promotion of doe sort. Plug your ears on the way in  🙂

ptp-marina-aerial flora MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 3-West Bay Beach copy